• Calming Cleanser

    R3 Derma Health

  • Product Description:

    Gently remove impurities from sensitized skin with this anti-inflammatory cleanser which helps to calm and cool irritation. This milk cleanser aids in defending against sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, a harsh climate and other environmental influences. Does not contain artificial fragrance or color.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Defensil®- Plus – Combats inflammatory processes, replenishing the damaged skin barrier. Concentrate effectively reduce inflammatory processes and replenish the damaged skin barrier. 

    • Arnica Extract HG - Offers anti inflammatory and stimulating activity. 

    • Green Tea & Comfrey Extracts - soothing, anti inflammatory, free radical scavenging properties.

    Best Suited For:

    Sensitive, irritated, rosacea, environmentally stressed, inflamed

  • $38.50

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